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Below is some of the latest drawings which you can browse through to see what can be produced for you. More coming soon...

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  • This is a drawing of my daughter and I on holiday in Majorca.
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  • Amy & Mason

    This drawing was a commission for a friend for her daughter.
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  • A Call for Christmas

    This drawing was a commission from the Band of Her Majesty's Royal Marines The
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  • Mother & daughter.

    This drawing is of a female horse and its foal. The customer wanted a
    • Animal
  • A Francois Langur.

    this drawing was commissioned to auction off, to help raise money for an expedition
    • Animal
  • This was for a friend. The dog on the right had died and so
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Commission Information

Drawing Sizes

These are the sizes of the drawings that can be produced.


This a breakdown of the prices for drawings.


This is a list of the requirements of the supplied source materials.


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Styled support for RokSprocket, RokAjaxSearch and K2 (3rd party).


Eight preset style variations to choose, each with configurable options.

After the initial contact and explanation of what you desire you will need to provide the following:

Please remember I can only draw what you provide me with. I cannot draw the person in the image in a different pose (not always), I cannot draw a high quality drawing from a poor quality photograph (blurred, small etc)

Minimum Requirements

This is a list of the minimum required source materials needed to produce an acceptable drawing.

Source Type Description
 Picture.png Photograph An original photograph as large and as clear as possible.
 Digital_Camera.png A Digital Photograph A high Quality digital photograph. Ideally in RAW format or as high a quality JPEG image.
Do Not's Do not supply an image that you have pulled from Facebook (you can ask me directly how to extract a high quality image from Facebook)

Your Drawing can be done in any size up to A3 size which is 297mm X 420mm. Although this can be anything from square to a long & thin drawing it is suggested that you conform to traditional sizes because Mount and Frame configurations generally are in those sizes. Unless of course you get these custom made then any size orientation etc. up to the maximum size can be catered for.


The following table Illustrates our pricing policies. In the most part these are what you will pay. However if your drawing needs to be shipped using a suitable courier service then this would be added to the cost.

# Paper Sizes Price Extras
1 Up to A4: 297mm X 210mm £75 25% more per extra person/animal
2 Larger than A4 up to A3: 420mm X 297mm £100 25% more per extra person/animal


Please also be aware that if the drawing is more complex than for example: a drawing with one person in it, I will charge 25% more per extra person/animal/subject in the drawing - as this does increase the time involved in drawing.

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